The True Force Against Freedom

From the Book:  The War Against Black Americans and Freedom

By Nick Noel                                                                                           

Never as Great for African Americans

Because of the US Constitution, the United States is the greatest country of freedom and rights that has ever existed. In spite the US Constitution, the United States has never been as great a country for black Americans as for others, nor as great for all Americans as planned.

We can’t change our history.  It won’t help us to dwell in it, but we must recognize the truth about it to make our country as great as planned and as great as possible for all Americans today.

Rich elites of the Democrat ruling class began their war against black Americans and freedom long before the US was founded. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is just one of the latest battles in that war.

Before the United States

Before the United States, common men in England and other countries were controlled by elite ruling classes, many with royal titles, who owned all the land and claimed to be doing everything for their people and their country, while they maintained and built their own wealth and power over them.

The English Magna Carta and other documents about rights of the people were primarily about which rights the king and ruling class were willing to grant to the people.

Freedom and Subjects in the Colonies

Since the early 1600s, most settlers pouring into the British colonies in America were common white men who came here for freedom from the elite ruling classes and kings of England and Europe, risking their lives and everything they had for a chance to build new lives through their bravery and hard work.

Many acquired plots of land that they themselves worked.  Others established businesses.  They and their descendants didn’t own slaves, and most abhorred slavery.

They lived better lives here, and some prospered.  They governed themselves within their colonies, but were still subjects of the English king and ruling class.

Slavery, Hoaxes, Lies, and a US Ruling Class

A much smaller number of settlers established themselves as a new elite ruling class in America.  These wealthy men, accompanied by many common and poor white men whom they dominated, acquired huge tracts of the best farmland in a few colonies. They allowed some of the common white men in their colonies to acquire small plots of land, but most never owned any land.

This new ruling class of plantation owners purchased so many black Africans from slave traffickers that their slaves eventually made up half the population in the colonies they ruled.  To justify slavery to white men, these deceivers and manipulators claimed that their black slaves were of an inferior race, and they manufactured false proof. Their methods were later exposed by Frederick Douglass.

To “prove” their made-up lie of black racial inferiority, they kept their slaves from knowing who their fathers were, separated children from their mothers soon after birth, kept slaves ignorant, and never willingly allowed them to learn how to read and write.

This small ruling class of slave plantation owners maintained control by pitting white men against their black slaves under the rules of white supremacy that they created.  They used common white men as slave bosses and overseers, and made black slaves treat all whites as superiors.

The US Declaration of Independence

Our founders won the American Revolution and established a government to secure the God-given freedom and rights of all Americans.  But although Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and others among them were slave owners from birth, they knew they had to end slavery to truly achieve their goal, and they tried to end it.

Their Declaration of Independence recognized that God gave all people equal freedom and other human rights that cannot rightfully be taken away.  Our founders believed that just governments are instituted among men to secure their God-given freedom and rights. They knew that African Americans should not remain slaves in the country they established to secure the freedom and rights of the people.

The US Constitution

The US Constitution was written by the people to institute the government described in the US Declaration of Independence, deriving its powers from the consent of the governed.  It wasn’t written to grant rights to the people, but written by the people to grant limited powers to the federal government they were establishing to secure their God-given freedom and rights.

It established a constitutional republic—not a democracy–with enumerated powers, to secure the freedom and rights of all Americans through a common national defense and a government with other limited powers to secure freedom.

The Force Against Freedom in the Land of the Free

The ruling class of slave plantation owners helped win the American Revolution to free themselves from the British king and ruling class. They wanted the US Constitution to protect slavery, but were soundly defeated in the Constitutional Convention.

The US Constitution didn’t even recognize slavery.  Instead, it imposed a penalty against States in which any people were not free, for as long they were not free, and authorized Congress to abolish the international slave trade 20 years after ratification, which was expected to quickly end slavery.  It was approved (ratified) by people of all the United States, and adopted as our supreme national law.

The slave plantation owners knew they were expected to give up slavery when they ratified it to join the United States. Instead, they used it to secure their own freedom, but refused to acknowledge that their black slaves were human beings with God-given rights.

As soon as they agreed to the US Constitution to secure their own freedom, they began working to defeat its equal protection of rights, and expanded slavery into new States, in spite of the US Constitution.

The Democrat Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom Party

Forty years later, the rich and powerful ruling class of slave plantation owners established the Democratic Party to defeat freedom and equal rights through politics, violence, and any means available.

From its founding until today, the Democratic Party has stood against the US Constitution, especially against the freedom and rights of black Americans, for the benefit of Democrat elites.

They made common white men feel flattered and protected by joining the party of the rich elites, which ensured their votes, and strengthened white supremacy.

Democrats had already made many Americans believe their hoax of black racial inferiority. Many accepted Democrat white supremacy by the time their first president was elected in 1828.

Manufacturing Racial Hatred: Hoax of Black Men as Predators 

Republicans led Americans to abolish slavery, establish citizenship for black former slaves, and establish their right to vote through the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution.

Then, when other hoaxes failed, Democrats began manufacturing racial hatred against black men to maintain white supremacy. They made many Americans falsely believe a new hoax that black men were natural predators who raped white women.  Frederick Douglass exposed this as an absurd hoax to maintain white supremacy in his 1894 speech, “Why Is The Negro Lynched?”  But black men who were falsely accused were hung or burned alive by Democrat mobs (until the 1960s).


Democratic Socialism / Communism

Since before the Civil War, the rich elites of the Democrat ruling class have partnered with communists and everyone else who helps them achieve their goals: extreme wealth and power.

Democrat elites, along with a few Republican elites and politicians they have corrupted have kept Americans divided by race to manipulate, fool, and control common Americans of all races.

Democrat politicians attract many votes by promising to use government to steal from “the rich” and give to their supporters. (Ironically, Democrat elites are “the rich.”)  The USSR, Communist China, Hitler’s Nazi socialists, North Korea, Cuba, and socialists in Venezuela, and California have all demonstrated how well such promises work to destroy freedom.  Critical Race Theory is just a new chapter in their playbook.


This foregoing is from a chapter of the book, The War Against Black Americans and Freedom, by Nick Noel with KCarl Smith, available on Amazon and from