John Hagan, Ohio State School Board:

“Critical Race Theory (CRT) proponents left unchecked will destroy The United States of America that we cherish.

Based on Marxist Ideology, CRT has infected our society at many levels in government and the private sector. For thirty years, purveyors of the Marxist plan have used race rather than the original class as a successful means to divide us as a country. Hence, CRT is fast becoming mainstream.

Words such as equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion are used to hide the true intent.

Now, in many schools, these methods are used to inject identity politics into our classrooms.

The public in general and parents specifically need to be made aware of what is happening to our children. Most will be alarmed and repulsed by what is occurring.

I believe that the vast majority of Americans will reject CRT when made aware of what it entails. The time to stop this is now!”