May 26, 2021


Governor Mike DeWine

Riffe Center, 30th Floor, 

77 South High

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Re:        Protect Ohio’s children from hate and indoctrination

Dear Governor DeWine:

Generally, people in Ohio are good-hearted souls, who believe in hard-work, really do want to think the best about others and believe in the high ideals of America.  

And because of that optimistic life view, these good-hearted souls will NOT accept the ideas communicated through Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project and Marxist BLM organization.  

Critical Race Theory is a package of hate speech wrapped in the falsehoods of the idea that systemic racism infects all forms of American life.  This is a false claim and should not be taught in our school systems.  

With only a little bit of investigation and independent thinking, it becomes obvious that CRT reflects the quintessential opposite beliefs embraced in the teachings of Dr. King and all of us that support the principals of equality (not equity).  Until we can all look past the color of our skin and look into the character in our hearts to evaluate each other, we are doomed to repeat history.  

CRT reflects black segregationist thinking and is poison to the American blood stream. Both are hate-filled, distorted views of the founding principals and the history that has made America the greatest voice for freedom in the world.  

The promoters of CRT and the 1619 Project are simply 21st century hucksters with a new kind of traveling medicine show.  These traveling medicine shows of the early 20th century arrived in horse-drawn wagons selling magic potions and cure-alls to small towns people in western cities. These hucksters, in a loud clanging wagons, would be  spouting at the top of their lungs to sell their snake oil.  Most people that consumed the snake oil got sick or drunk.  CRT and 1619 is nothing but snake oil and will make everyone sick.

Please do not use these hate-filled programs for Ohio children.




William F. Hutter

7083 Calabria Place

Dublin, Ohio 43016

Without gratitude…there can be no joy.


Copy to:

Ohio Representative, the Honorable Tracy M. Richardson

Ohio Senator, the Honorable Bill Reineke 


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