The 37 member groups of have asked Dan Regenold to write a letter to Attorney General Dave Yost to discuss his review of Resolution 20 of the Ohio Board of Education.   These are details of Resolution 20 passed by the Ohio Board of Education.

  • In July 2020 The Ohio Board of Education Passed Resolution 20 which started the movement of CRT into Ohio Schools.
  • Last Tuesday, John Hagan from the Ohio Board of Education put forth a resolution to ask Attorney General, David Yost to review Resolution 20 to determine if it is legal.
  • Attorney General Yost is now reviewing Ohio State School Board Resolution 20.
  • Previously Attorney General Yost joined 19 other State Attorney Generals opposing Biden’s proposal to impose teachings of Critical Race Theory & 1619 Project.
  • Finding that Resolution 20 is not legal will send an important message to Ohio Educators and School Boards across the State about Critical Race Theory in Ohio Schools.

Please see Dan’s Letter as follows: