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Stop Critical Race Theory in Ohio

Note: Please sign if you are against Critical Race Theory and live either in or outside Ohio.

The Pledge

We seek to:

  • Prohibit the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Ohio’s schools, universities and governments.

  • Prohibit the teaching of concepts that present any race as inherently deserving of preference.

  • Refocus the primary purpose of education; achieving academic excellence with equal opportunity.

  • Oppose the election of any statewide or local officials, legislators or school board members who support CRT training.

We Believe

  • Equality under the law, enshrined in America’s founding documents, applies to all races.

  • America has led the way in addressing race-based issues through public and social policy.

  • All persons should be protected from the divisiveness and harm of CRT’s singular focus on race, especially children.

  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. supported a focus on developing students’ critical thinking skills and moral compasses, providing the tools for opportunity and achievement.

  • CRT, supported by Marxists, claims that America is systematically racist due to widespread white supremacy.

  • CRT’s accusations of white supremacy suppress opposing viewpoints while promoting racism and discrimination.

  • CRT distracts from addressing the root causes of poor social, economic and educational outcomes.

  • Instruction methods in the schools and government resemble indoctrination and re-education used in totalitarian regimes. Racism is positioned as the primary driver of social and political change.