The Indoctrination of Parents at Cincinnati Public Schools…

“We all live in a house—our Country—that is built on principleswe don’t necessarily agree with..”

Dr. Oneya Okuwobi, Speaker at Pleasant Ridge Montessori Equity Meeting


December 14, 2021 


The cost to educate a student in Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) is now $19,889 per year which taxpayers pay for completely (median cost to educate a student in Ohio is $14,436*). Now… for no additional charge… the Cincinnati Public Schools is providing Indoctrination Training to Taxpayers (ITT) in Ohio for FREE.

Dr. Oneya Okuwobi earned her PhD in Sociology from The Ohio State University where her research and teaching interests include Diversity, Organizations, Race and Ethnicity, Religion, Group Processes, Stratification and Inequality, and Qualitative Methods (Click Here for her bio). Recently, Pleasant Ridge Montessori School (PRM part of CPS) had Dr. Oneya Okuwobi talk to parents on a zoom call as part of their PRM Equity Meeting on November 18 about Critical Race Theory. In a recorded phone call the school invited all parents to attend.

On the call Okuwobi didn’t talk about test scores, or ways to improve academic excellence. She didn’t talk about reasons why CPS student proficiency currently ranks at 26.3% proficient**. For 19 minutes Dr. Okuwobi spoke about Racial Inequity and her distorted, racist view of the world. Watch as the History of our great Country is changed before your very eyes. This conversation is instructive as the same conversation is going on at schools all around Ohio where race is being injected into education. Highlights of the 19 minutes from the video are as follows:


1:09     All of these Civil Right victories happened, but as we look around we are seeing stalling of progress for racial equity.


1:27     We have not had a change in Hiring Discrimination since 1989.


1:40     These Inequities persist.  Scholars looked at this.  Laws cannot be made “race neutral” because you have all of historical system in place that continue to create inequities.


2:16    For instance:  Juries. You not allowed to discriminate on juries. You aren’t allowed to keep black people off juries. We’ve noticed that most juries are not racially representative…


5:45 One of the tenets of CRT is challenging objectivity.


10:02   Critical Race Theory bears very little resemblance to what is being discussed and legislated.  It has become a convenient scapegoat to hold back any racial progress… Because we decided to bypass progress as a Country that we missed the opportunity to make equality happen.  So instead we got the backlash of lynching and Jim Crow.


11:29   A more recent example– the election is Barack Obama was met with the ascendency of the Tea Party which may have lead to some of the events that have happened over the past years.  Where again there was a backlash and a fighting back that we were becoming more racially equitable; the notion that we were becoming a more color-blind nation.


11:55   In 2020 we saw a lot of sentiment around the murder of George Floyd.  But not long after that we see the idea of Critical Race Theory brought to the forefront.  People in all realms of life being suspected of promoting CRT…  


14:19   Turn to bills introduced in Ohio (to ban the teaching of CRT).  Provisions that should concern us: Bill 322:  Idea you cannot teach an individual by virtue of the individual’s race or sex… I’m talking about not the personal form of white supremacy but a system of white supremacy which is a remnant of systems.


16:35  The race placed in the superior position tends to receive greater economic remuneration, access to better occupations in the labor market, occupies a primary position in the political system, is granted higher social estimation…


18:06   We all live in a house—our Country—that is built on principles we don’t necessarily agree with and it is incumbent on all of us to change it. And any implication to the contrary leads us in a position where we are stuck and won’t make any progress on the issue.


18:25 A second thing that has been an issue with anti-CRT laws across the country is the idea of protecting ideas of meritocracy. Meritocracy is a very dangerous idea because every student doesn’t have an equal chance of success.

To see the 19 minute recording featuring Dr. Oneya Okuwobi–Click Below:

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Does Cincinnati Public Schools have the right to spend your tax dollars to indoctrinate kids and parents in Ohio? Indoctrination sessions like this are happening in Ohio Schools because the Ohio’s Legislature and the Governor Mike DeWine are unwilling to take action to stop them. We have asked the Attorney General of Ohio Dave Yost and Ohio Department of Education Superintendent Stephanie Siddens to take enforcement action now to stop further indoctrination in Cincinnati Public Schools —Click Here to Read Letter.


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