What is Critical Race Theory (CRT)?2021-05-10T19:12:41-04:00

Critical Race Theory claims that American society is fundamentally racist and that it is organized to help the white race oppress “people of color.” Some terms that are common to CRT and that have been defined by CRT theorists are “white privilege,” “whiteness,” “white supremacy,” “unconscious bias,” “implicit bias,” “systemic racism,” and “institutionalized racism.” At times, CRT proponents support affirmative action and reparations. Under CRT, only a member of a given “oppressed” minority has the right to speak about the racism that affects them. CRT generally denies that America is a meritocracy, or even that a meritocracy is a just society. A key goal of CRT is “equity” (or equality of outcomes) for all people or at least all groups. Equal opportunity is rarely mentioned because CRT proponents believe that this is not possible in a fundamentally racist society like America.

Where did CRT come from?2021-05-10T19:09:52-04:00

Where did CRT come from? American legal scholars started formulating its ideas in the mid-1970s. It sprung from a field of study called Critical Legal Studies (CLS), which developed at about the same time. Both were born out of Critical Theory (CT), which was a Western-Marxist philosophy developed by scholars of the “Frankfort School,” many of whom left the Frankfort Institute for Social Research for America and Columbia University to escape Hitler’s Germany.

Is CRT Marxist?2021-05-11T12:47:20-04:00

Is CRT Marxist? Most definitely. As it became increasingly clear that classical Marxism was providing a very poor solution for economic problems, Western-Marxism abandoned Marx’s singular focus on economic class and instead focused on social and cultural factors. But it kept Marx’s approach of identifying victims and oppressors. A number of the intellectuals that had a prominent place in the early development or foundation of CRT, CLS, and CT identified as either Marxists or Communists. Today, in addition to race, the Marxist template of victim/oppressor is used to create division among people by gender, gender identity, and sexual attraction.


Is CRT Racist?2021-05-10T19:14:21-04:00

Yes. It makes blanket assumptions that an entire race of people – those born with white skin – are prejudiced against “people of color” – blacks and other non-whites.

Can CRT harm children?2021-05-10T19:15:09-04:00

 Yes. Impressionable white children are being taught that because of the color of their skin, they, and their parents, and their grandparents are racist, which is one of the most damning charges that can be made against someone. So, shame and guilt are being foisted upon innocent children by their local public school.

How did CRT get into Ohio’s schools?2021-05-10T19:15:46-04:00

While CRT training has likely been present in some schools for several years, it accelerated after the state Board of Education passed Resolution #20 on July 14,2020. In addition to the Resolution’s laudable statements condemning “racism, bigotry, and hatred” it went far beyond that. It referred to “systemic inequity,” “white supremacy culture,” and “unconscious racial bias,” which are all hallmarks of CRT. It mandated CRT training for all state Board members, and all employees of and contractors for the state Department of Education. It also mandated a review of all academic content and curriculum to assure that “racism and the struggle for equality are accurately addressed.” It “strongly recommended” that all Ohio districts undergo the same CRT processes as the state Board and Department of Education and ordered the state Board to provide support for their efforts.

How could the state Board of Education vote for such a policy?2021-05-10T19:16:19-04:00

It is hard to fathom. It is even harder to understand when you look at the composition of the board. Eight of its nineteen members serve under an appointment from Republican Governors DeWine or Kasich (mostly DeWine). Without the “yes” votes of members appointed by DeWine the resolution would have failed. DeWine was asked about this resolution (by letter) in March and has remained silent.

Is CRT in Catholic schools?2021-05-10T19:16:50-04:00

Yes. The extent is unknown, but CRT is widespread in education.

Is CRT in Christian and private schools?2021-05-10T19:17:15-04:00

Unknown, but CRT is widespread in education.

How do I find out if CRT is in my child or grandchild’s school?2021-05-10T19:23:27-04:00

Ask your student, ask your student’s teacher if any of the terms used in CRT have been presented or used in school. Ask to see the curriculum. DO NOT JUST ACCEPT ASSURANCES THAT IT IS NOT IN THE SCHOOL.  Ask your student,    Review the important linke located at:  https://stopcriticalracetheory.com/tools/

Does CRT characterize logic, evidence, and the scientific method as “white?”2021-05-10T19:24:29-04:00

Yes. These wonderful concepts that have brought so many advances to the human race are questioned by CRT advocates as being part of “systemic racism.” Even Math is considered by some as racist.

What is the 1619 Project?2021-05-10T19:24:53-04:00

This very misguided project – sponsored by The New York Times – makes the outrageous claim that virtually everything about American history can be explained by slavery. Its outrageous claims have been panned by historians on the left and the right. Yet it won a Pulitzer Prize…for editorial journalism, not history. Despite its obvious major flaws, it has been repackaged as school curriculum and has been distributed throughout the country. In fact, it is now listed as a resource on the Department of Education’s website. A citizen pointed out its many flaws to a high official, demanded that it be removed, and yet nothing was done.

What does BIPOC stand for?2021-05-10T19:25:15-04:00

This acronym stands for Black, Indigenous, People of Color. It is used by those who feel that Blacks and Indigenous people suffer from greater levels of bias than other non-whites, like Asians or Latinos, for example. This term is frequently used by advocates of CRT.

How can we stop CRT?2021-05-10T19:25:48-04:00

First, sign the petition. Second, find out if CRT is being taught in your local district to your kids or grandkids. Then, engage with your Superintendent and local Board of Education about it. Third, contact Governor DeWine, your state representative and your state senator and tell them that we need a law that forbids the teaching of CRT in Ohio. Now.

What did Dr. Martin Luther King say about education?2021-05-10T19:26:38-04:00

In an essay written in 1947 he said:

–  it is easy for us to allow our thinking to become dominated by “…half-truths, prejudices, and propaganda.”

–  He criticized educated people in the late 1940s for their lack of logical and scientific thinking. – –  “the press, the classroom, the platform, and the pulpit in many instances do not give us objective and unbiased truths.”

–  “To save man from the morass of propaganda…is one of the chief aims of education.”

–  “Education must enable one to sift and weigh evidence, to discern the true from the false, the real from the unreal, and the facts from the fiction.”

–  “Intelligence plus character–that is the goal of true education.”

–  “If we are not careful, our colleges will produce a group of close-minded, unscientific, illogical propagandists, consumed with immoral acts.  Be careful, “brethren.” Be careful, teachers.”


What are the characteristics of CRT training?2021-05-10T19:27:14-04:00

Sources: Various Wikipedia articles. CRT and many of the terms in quotes and other terms used have their own articles in Wikipedia. Some information came from the New Discourses website.


How can I join?2021-05-10T19:28:41-04:00

Please complete the online pledge.  Go to:  https://stopcriticalracetheory.com/

Do you accept donations?2021-05-10T19:31:00-04:00

Yes. You can donate via PayPal with any debit or card or your PayPal account hereDonations will be used only for the following expenses: 1) Web Development and Clerical Expenses, 2) Search Engine Optimization and Adwords to create more awareness about CRT 3) Travel Expenses Associated with Website. For transparency there will be an open checkbook loaded once per month showing donations and expenses associated with www.StopCriticalRaceTheory.com. That open checkbook file will be located here.

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