Critical Race Theory claims that American society is fundamentally racist and that it is organized to help the white race oppress “people of color.” Some terms that are common to CRT and that have been defined by CRT theorists are “white privilege,” “whiteness,” “white supremacy,” “unconscious bias,” “implicit bias,” “systemic racism,” and “institutionalized racism.” At times, CRT proponents support affirmative action and reparations. Under CRT, only a member of a given “oppressed” minority has the right to speak about the racism that affects them. CRT generally denies that America is a meritocracy, or even that a meritocracy is a just society. A key goal of CRT is “equity” (or equality of outcomes) for all people or at least all groups. Equal opportunity is rarely mentioned because CRT proponents believe that this is not possible in a fundamentally racist society like America.