Diane Nelson Tried to Give Her Testimony to the Ohio Board of Education on June 15, 2021.   The Ohio Board Refused to Hear Her Testimony Because they Do Not Accept Any Testimony That Involves Race.

Good evening to all of you. I am Dianne Nelson from Ashland, Ohio. I am the  wife of a man who taught high school math for forty years. I am the mother of three grown children who have a total of sixteen years of college experience.   And I am a grandmother of nine grandchildren who have have experienced both  the public school system and home schooling. So while I am not an expert, I do have a real interest in education in this country.   I am here today because I am greatly concerned for the future of education both here in Ohio and in the country as a whole. If you look closely at what has  happened in our country over the last hundred years or so, the education system has been increasingly used to promote the views of those who would turn one of  the really free countries the world has known into one where individual freedom would be greatly restricted. They have constantly decried capitalism despite it  being responsible for lifting millions out of poverty and they have done so despite its polar opposite having failed everywhere it has been tried on any large scale. If you look at China, what pulled it out of its doldrums was opening its country for companies based on capitalism to come in and build its industrial base and  national wealth.

One of the views being used to promote this remaking of our country has been  years in development. It is the theory we are concerned with today. CriticalRace Theory, is supposed to be designed to solve a serious problem:     The problem of racial conflicts. However, I believe if you look deep into what it says,  you will see it will only make race matters worse and is used more as a tool rather than an intellectual theory.  To be effective, the theory, or more accurately, movement, must infiltrate into many aspects of American life and it seems to have done so. It appears to be in  the national, the state, and the local governmental units such as the White House,  the Senate, the House, governor offices, and local city councils. It also appears in the judicial system on all levels, based on some of the decisions given in various cases.

It is found in the educaional system of the country and has been for years. It is  prevalent on the college campuses and in the teachers’ unions. Apparently, colleges and universities have been producing graduates well versed in the theorysince it has found foot holds in high schools and even the elementaries. It is now working on controlling or manipulating school boards.How can we tell this has happened? Probably the clearest way to see it is to consider the use it has been put to in recent public debates such as immigration,voting rights, police departments, criminal justice, health care, hate speech, hate  crime, poverty and the welfare state, and affirmative action. All important debates, but the question is are these people pushing for improvements or just pushing the country over the edge and into a country we will no longer  recognize?

In my opinion, Radical Race Theory has never lost its Marxist roots and should be be called what it is: Marxism.

Please do not abet these people.

Thank you. 

Dianne Nelson