This Declaration has been agreed to by the groups sponsoring this website and is the inspiration for the Pledge on the Join page.

Declaration of American Equality and Unity of All Races

America Is the Greatest Force Ever for Freedom and Equal Opportunity

  • Equality under the law, enshrined in America’s founding documents, applies to all races.
  • America has led the way in addressing race-based issues through public and social policy.

Critical Race Theory (CRT), supported by Marxists, claims that America is systematically racist due to widespread white supremacy.

  • All persons should be protected from the divisiveness and harm of CRT’s singular focus on race, especially children.
  • CRT’s accusations of white supremacy suppress opposing viewpoints while promoting racism and discrimination.
  • CRT distracts from addressing the root causes of poor social, economic and educational outcomes.
  • Instruction methods in the schools and government resemble indoctrination and re-education used in totalitarian regimes. Racism is positioned as the primary driver of social and political change.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. supported a focus on developing students’ critical thinking skills and moral compasses, providing the tools for opportunity and achievement.

Public Policy Recommendations

  • Prohibit the teaching of CRT in Ohio’s schools, universities and governments.
  • Prohibit the teaching of concepts that present any race as inherently deserving of preference.
  • Refocus the primary purpose of education; achieving academic excellence with equal opportunity.

We hereby request that the State Board of Education, Resolution No. 20 of July 14, 2020, be rescinded.

We seek to expose to Ohio’s citizens the harm of Critical Race Theory, especially to children.

We declare our intention to oppose the election of any statewide or local officials, legislators or school board members who support Critical Race Theory training.

Stop Critical Race Theory in Ohio
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