A Critical Response to the 1619 Project:

(April 6, 2021) “We could do worse than getting to know our enemy (Wokists, Social Justice Warriors). Not just know them, but really get inside their heads to understand where they’re coming from, and why.  …what they’re actually doing is something like an Invasive Parasite Play: While keeping the outer forms (like the country’s name, like “elections”, etc.) intact, they move in to co-opt and control the structures and institutions which really run the country (which is to say, the structures and institutions which control us). As a result, millions remain oblivious that Wokists are destroying and replacing everything that ever constituted the country—that is, that they are changing what ‘The United States of America’ actually is.” 

(May 7, 2021) Wokism has become the official state religion.

http://Hear Dan’s 14 Minute Interview with Brian Thomas on 55KRC Radio –4-22-21 — Click Here

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This is Chris Rufo”s 11 part series

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Article that includes historical references such as Civil War era, founding, etc.  Reporter did a lot of work obviously.

Vocabulary for Understanding 21st Century Woke Schools

Take Action –Comments are being received at the Federal Register website on the latest push to change American History and Civics Education.  The proposed rule change is coming out of the Biden U.S. Department of Education.  Make comments here by May 19, 2021:  The New York Times 1619 Project and Kendi’s book, How to be an Antiracist are referenced and linked in support of this proposed rule.

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Ohio Star Commentary: Proposed Education Department Rule Would Prioritize Funding Critical Race Theory Grant Applications – The Ohio Star

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The Federalist Critical Race Theory is a Classic Communist Divide-And-Conquer Tactic

The Ohio State Board of Education received much testimony from the public on the topics of the 1619 Project and topics connected with Critical Race Theory, etc. during 2020 as a result of the board’s passage Resolution 20.  You can find commentary on the passage proceedings and a copy of the resolution here at my website.  

Want to learn more? has much in-depth information.  

Ohio Board of Education: Resolution to Condemn Racism and to Advance Equity For Black Students, Indigenous Students and Students of Color — Click Here. This is the original legislation passed by the Ohio School Board that points to Critical Race Theory in Ohio.

Imprimis: From Hillsdale College. Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight it by Christopher F. Rufo Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It – Imprimis (

Daily Caller Article about Lawsuit Filed Against State of Ohio Board of Education

Bari Weiss Article: A New York father pulls his daughter out of Brearley with a message to the whole school. You have to Read this Letter

Glenn Beck:

https://www.facebook.comPACTNoCRT (indoctrination map)

Ohio School Board Video — Jonathan Broadbent. Watch at about 2:16:00– . 

Smashing “Whiteness” in the Classroom — A Critical Look at the Republican governor, State Legislature and the Ohio Department of Education.

State School Board Meeting April 13 –They deny Dan Regenold the Right to Tetisfy about Critical Race Theory saying that they are denying all public comments about race. Starts about 5:40:30 – 6:20:11

Megyn Kelly Warns Heads Of Schools About Pushing Critical Race Theory — Megyn Kelly Sends Warning To Heads Of Schools Shoving ‘Critical Race Theory Down The Throats Of Their Students’ | The Daily Caller

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