From a phone call to Dan Regenold, EmpowerU Ohio, Managing Board Member, on 5/11/21:

“Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not the solution to problems that exist about race. I’m very concerned about it (CRT) in my own kids’ schools.

What we need to do is acknowledge and support minority students in a way that doesn’t undermine the theories and beliefs about capitalism that we have learned. I want all minorities in Ohio to fulfill their God-given abilities and to follow the teachings we have all learned from Martin Luther King.

I’ll be meeting with the Governor for an extensive period of time in a few days and we will look at ways we can create a solution. Someone told me that under CRT, the teachings of Martin Luther King are now invalid. I said “What?” In the meantime, please send me any thoughts you have for ways to improve our issues about race in Ohio which don’t involve Critical Race Theory.”