Kirsten Hill Slides on Critical Race Theory

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Kirsten Hill is a member of Ohio's Board of Education.   She was elected to the State Board of Education in November 2018, representing District 2. Her term began in January 2019 and expires in December 2022.   On May 11, 2021 Kirsten gave a presentation at 's class on Critical Race Theory.   A complete recording of this class which featured speakers from Lakota, Olentangy, King's School District and others can be watched -- Click Here. To View Board Member Kirsten Hill's Slides show at the EmpowerU Class [...]

Comments from Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted

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From a phone call to Dan Regenold, EmpowerU Ohio, Managing Board Member, on 5/11/21: “Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not the solution to problems that exist about race. I’m very concerned about it (CRT) in my own kids’ schools. What we need to do is acknowledge and support minority students in a way that doesn’t undermine the theories and beliefs about capitalism that we have learned. I want all minorities in Ohio to fulfill their God-given abilities and to follow the teachings we have all [...]

Comments from John Hagan

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John Hagan, Ohio State School Board: “Critical Race Theory (CRT) proponents left unchecked will destroy The United States of America that we cherish. Based on Marxist Ideology, CRT has infected our society at many levels in government and the private sector. For thirty years, purveyors of the Marxist plan have used race rather than the original class as a successful means to divide us as a country. Hence, CRT is fast becoming mainstream. Words such as equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion are used to [...]

The True War Against Freedom

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The True Force Against Freedom From the Book:  The War Against Black Americans and Freedom By Nick Noel                                                                                            Never as Great for African Americans Because of the US Constitution, the United States is the greatest country of freedom and rights that [...]

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