“Flat-Earthers” at Cincinnati Enquirer Deny Critical Race Theory

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The Cincinnati Enquirer has published 10 editorials in the past few months trying to convince readers that if legislation is passed to stop Critical Race Theory in Ohio that history taught at schools will start to be censored. The newspaper’s favorite narrative , repeated in several articles, says “Experts Say Critical Race Theory exists in Higher Education Institutions, not in K-12” (Scott Wartman 11/9/2021).   What I would like to ask The Enquirer’s Editor, Beryl Love, is who are these “experts?” One would think after [...]

About Equity Plans and Critical Race Theory in Ohio Schools…

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by Dan Regenold Equity plans for Schools in Ohio and across the Greater Cincinnati Area are proliferating like a bad case of Covid-19.  Just this week I’ve heard complaints from parents in Mariemont, Lakota, Kings, Princeton, Northwest Schools, Loveland, Fairfield, Forest Hills and Wyoming.  Problems also exist around Columbus, Cleveland and many areas around Ohio.  Fifty-one Educational Service Centers state-wide are tapping into excessive government “Covid-relief” money and have put their claws into schools telling them they need Critical Race Theory, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plans to [...]

Letter to Attorney General Dave Yost

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The 37 member groups of have asked Dan Regenold to write a letter to Attorney General Dave Yost to discuss his review of Resolution 20 of the Ohio Board of Education.   These are details of Resolution 20 passed by the Ohio Board of Education. In July 2020 The Ohio Board of Education Passed Resolution 20 which started the movement of CRT into Ohio Schools. Last Tuesday, John Hagan from the Ohio Board of Education put forth a resolution to ask Attorney General, David Yost to [...]

Jane Timken Joins Coalition

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday July 11, 2021 Jane Timken Joins Coalition, Signs Pledge to Combat Critical Race Theory in Ohio CANTON, OH – Jane Timken, candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio, joined the 'Stop Critical Race Theory' Coalition today by formally signing a pledge to combat Critical Race Theory in Ohio, an issue she has been a leader on in her campaign for Senate."Critical Race Theory has no place in Ohio schools or across this country. It's a marxist, divisive, racist ideology that teaches our children to [...]

CRT Comes To Church

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CRT Comes to Church Stop CRT Action--Debunking CRT: CRT comes to church Today’s Debunking CRT is a touch more personal to this writer than past posts. The email below is my response to the pastor of my church after hearing his sermon this past Sunday which was essentially an introduction to CRT. Names and identifying information have been changed to protect identities.   Dear David,   This past Sunday was my family’s first time back to church since the pandemic, and I am extremely disappointed with the service [...]

Dianne Nelson Speaks

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Diane Nelson Tried to Give Her Testimony to the Ohio Board of Education on June 15, 2021.   The Ohio Board Refused to Hear Her Testimony Because they Do Not Accept Any Testimony That Involves Race. Good evening to all of you. I am Dianne Nelson from Ashland, Ohio. I am the  wife of a man who taught high school math for forty years. I am the mother of three grown children who have a total of sixteen years of college experience.   And I am a grandmother [...]

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