Turpin High School Chooses to Cancel Diversity Day!

By |May 16, 2022|Categories: Editor|

A Win for Taxpayers, Parents... Should taxpayer dollars be used for teaching students Divisive Concepts? Why are we trying to Separate Students instead of Uniting Them? Turpin High School, part of the Forest Hills School District in Eastern Hamilton County, had a Diversity Day planned for March 31, 2022. One of the students working on the agenda shared with their parent the agenda and training materials. Upon reviewing the material, the parent contacted a Forest Hills School District board member to express their concern over the [...]

CRT “Do-Gooders” At Turpin High School Just Can’t Help Themselves

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CRT "Do-Gooders" at Turpin High School Just Can't Help Themselves One exercise, entitled in the outline as "Step to the Line", is actually a CRT exercise originally given the title "The Privilege Walk" April 1, 2022 Greetings, Last summer, we rallied to help expose the indoctrination of our children into the divisive and racist concept known as Critical Race Theory (CRT). Several of you attended numerous rallies at meetings of boards of education, sent letters or emails, etc., to promote the belief that this country is one [...]

Indoctrination of Parents at Cincinnati Public Schools

By |December 15, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|   The Indoctrination of Parents at Cincinnati Public Schools... "We all live in a house—our Country—that is built on principleswe don’t necessarily agree with.." Dr. Oneya Okuwobi, Speaker at Pleasant Ridge Montessori Equity Meeting   December 14, 2021  Greetings, The cost to educate a student in Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) is now $19,889 per year which taxpayers pay for completely (median cost to educate a student in Ohio is $14,436*). Now... for no additional charge... the Cincinnati Public Schools is providing Indoctrination Training to Taxpayers [...]

Cupp, DeWine, Seitz, Wiggam, & Huffman Kill Critical Race Theory Legislation in Ohio

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December 8, 2021 Greetings, Several of you have written to me and asked about the status of HB#327 and HB#322 which are bills to end Critical Race Theory in the State of Ohio.  I wanted to give you an update on what I know about the status of the two bills. There are four key legislators involved in getting a Bill to the floor of the Ohio House. Scott Wiggam is a state representative for the first District of Ohio in Wayne County.  He is the Committee Chairman for the House State [...]

“Flat-Earthers” at Cincinnati Enquirer Deny Critical Race Theory

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The Cincinnati Enquirer has published 10 editorials in the past few months trying to convince readers that if legislation is passed to stop Critical Race Theory in Ohio that history taught at schools will start to be censored. The newspaper’s favorite narrative , repeated in several articles, says “Experts Say Critical Race Theory exists in Higher Education Institutions, not in K-12” (Scott Wartman 11/9/2021).   What I would like to ask The Enquirer’s Editor, Beryl Love, is who are these “experts?” One would think after [...]

About Equity Plans and Critical Race Theory in Ohio Schools…

By |August 12, 2021|Categories: Editor|

by Dan Regenold Equity plans for Schools in Ohio and across the Greater Cincinnati Area are proliferating like a bad case of Covid-19.  Just this week I’ve heard complaints from parents in Mariemont, Lakota, Kings, Princeton, Northwest Schools, Loveland, Fairfield, Forest Hills and Wyoming.  Problems also exist around Columbus, Cleveland and many areas around Ohio.  Fifty-one Educational Service Centers state-wide are tapping into excessive government “Covid-relief” money and have put their claws into schools telling them they need Critical Race Theory, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plans to [...]

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